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Leah Bassett Art

Intuitive Motivational Artist
Leah Sarrah Bassett

Leah Sarrah Bassett is a self taught artist with roots in both coasts, whose creative production revolves around classic figurative painting, presented in a contemporary manner. Through her art, she intuitively taps into the vulnerability of the human condition and with open hearted love addresses the contrast of the dark and light that exists within all of us. 

Leah Sarrah’s artwork is often described as mystical, mysterious, and provocative. Her style is not abound by contemporary, modern, color or canvas. She creates dream-like atmospheres that celebrate the beauty, strength and wonder of exploring the subconscious mind. Leah displays the strength of femininity in all of its forms unapologetically. Her artwork lives in its own space and time. Her subjects are often portrayed as gods/goddesses and prophets through powerful stances, expressions and emotional eye contact. 

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