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Leah Bassett Art

Intuitive Motivational Artist
Leah Sarrah Bassett

Leah Sarrah Bassett is a self taught artist from Baltimore, now residing in Southern California whose creative production revolves around classic figurative painting, presented in a contemporary manner. Through her art, she intuitively taps into the vulnerability of the human condition and with open hearted love addresses the contrast of the dark and light that exists within all of us. 

Leah Sarrah’s artwork is often described as mystical, mysterious, and provocative. Her style is not abound by contemporary, modern, color or canvas. She creates dream-like atmospheres that celebrate the beauty, strength and wonder of exploring the subconscious mind. Leah displays the strength of femininity in all of its forms unapologetically. Her artwork lives in its own space and time. Her subjects are often portrayed as gods/goddesses and prophets through powerful stances, expressions and emotional eye contact. 


Paintings like The Sleeping Dancer take the female form and combine it with abstract expressionism to highlight and represent the fluidity and adaptability women must have in a rigid world.  


Sometimes darker tones are used in surroundings, such as her painting of Three Sisters.  A combination of female nude art and dadaism, this painting represents that a women’s beauty should not be bound by her environment and that no one should be ashamed or hide from who they truly are. 


With paintings like Cocoon Winter Leah portrays the best and worst of the human condition.  There is vulnerability and power expressed through color pattens used in renaissance art.


Leah has also been commissioned for many murals in businesses and homes.  Sea scapes and water themes have been some of those requests.  Since part of her childhood was spent in Cape Cod scrambling on rocks, fishing and staring at lighthouses, this bring her back to happy memories that are reflected in the painting and now shared by those who have the opportunity to see them in person.


Leah’s art is a merger of different time periods and styles.  Her approach to art crosses the boundaries between gallery, studio, and personal commissions. She combines emotions in every painting because her art represents that life is not as simple as dark or light, and joy or sadness.  Life has many colors, textures, and forms that should all be celebrated. 

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